The Power of Self Discovery

An Online Experiential Workshop on Getting Grounded and Learning More about You

Dates: January 10 & 24, February 7 & 21, March 7 & 21, 2019
Meets: Thursdays 7pm – 9 pm EST
Cost: $295 (can be split into two payments)

Who would you be if when you were struggling with next-steps, doubts or uncertainties, you maintained an inner strength and unshakeable peace?

Who would you be if you knew how to take care of your needs, quiet the noise and really listen to yourself?

You would be calmer, more courageous, more self-assured and ANCHORED IN YOUR TRUTH!

Join me from anywhere in the world for this incredible virtual experience! Learn how to bring the fullness of who you are to the life you are living by getting to know your inner self. Discover balance and alignment through unique practices, exercises and coaching conversations and strategies that will take you deeper.

Enjoy learning with a live, interactive, online group and one private 45-minute coaching session.

In this course you will discover how to:

  • Develop and Sustain a Connection Practice That Works for You, Keeps You Grounded and Helps to Remove the Clouds of Confusion.
  • Access Your Higher Self So You Can Combat Crazy Self-Talk.
  • Get in Touch with Your Feelings and Emotions in a Beautiful & Heart Opening Way and Learn to Process Emotions That Make You Feel Like You Can’t Move Forward.
  • Explore Your Unique Needs & Values to Better Honor Who You Are So You Can Live the Life You Are Meant to Live.
  • Access Joy & Creativity to Raise Your Vibration.
  • Integrate What You Learn to Live a More Meaningful, Vibrant, Balanced & Inspired Life!

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Class 1: Connection Practices

Explore what a connection practice is and learn to engage in activities like meditation that you can bring into your life to ground you. Learn about the ways we sabotage ourselves that prevent us from engaging in practices that allow us to live a more balanced and connected life.

Class 2: Expanding into Who You Are

We have all developed beliefs and values and had experiences that shape us into who we are today but that does not mean that we necessarily know who we really are. Let’s begin to ask the questions that help you to delve inside and better understand what makes you tick, what matters to you and what more you may want from life.

Class 3: Feelings That Control You

Accessing and connecting with our feelings is an important part of our self- expression and part of the way that we can ultimately liberate ourselves…. Tara Brach says, “What we do not express controls us.” Learn how to identify the feelings that we often to keep at bay and recognize the ways in which we tend to ignore the emotional part of who we are.

Class 4: Accessing Joy Through Creativity

Play, dance, create and open yourself to the wonders of the universe. Joy has the power to open our hearts, remove fear, instill hope and foster healing. Learn to develop your capacity for joy by allowing your inner world to be uncovered using your imagination, ideas and creative expression.

Class 5: A Conversation About Self-Care

Self-care isn’t just about massage and alone time. It’s about boundaries and overcommitment and the things we don’t say about the things that we need. Learn what it really means to care for yourself and how to honor that awareness.

Class 6: Integration & What’s Next?

Examine how to integrate what you’ve learned and move forward incorporating the practices and techniques that you’ve discovered on this 3-month journey. We will create tangible ways for you to hold yourself accountable, so you don’t get stuck, backpedal and lose the momentum you’ve gained.