“I attended a retreat facilitated by Kelli Slade, and I must say that it was a magical and powerful experience. I have had a few retreat experiences, but this is the only time I feel like I understand the purpose behind the practices I was being asked to engage in. For the first time I have truly embraced the practices of meditation, and chanting implementing them into my daily routine – not just for a couple of days, but consistently. I know this will be a long term practice in my life.

Kelli has a way of bringing you into the practices at a pace that is comfortable for you, with no pressure. While she has expectations she is more of a facilitator and guide. Never using her position to force you to accept the practices, but helping you understand the “why” behind the practices. It was inspiring and empowering and I know that I am on a new trajectory that holds many possibilities. Thank you Kelli!”

– Cathy Reese

“I left the women’s retreat in Joshua Tree feeling more empowered and full of life. This experience was healing and spiritually transformative. We meditated, chanted, spent time in nature, practiced yoga, tapped into our personal power and much more. Kelli guided and coached us in a loving way to open our hearts for personal healing in a safe environment in which all of us were able to share with no judgment. She truly set the tone to dig deep into our souls through self-reflection and stillness. She even integrated some of her amazing coaching skills. I left this retreat with life changing tools that I have begun implementing into my daily routine. I am also excited that I was finally able to complete my vision board – something that I had been postponing for many years. Simply if you want a life changing experience and to make a shift areas in your life, this is for you!”

– Connie Steppes

“Working with Kelli was the beginning steps of changing my life! She asked the exact questions needed for me to check in with parts of myself I was just getting to know.”

– Nikki Etsy

“Because of her positive attitude, and her devotion to self-improvement, I expected the coaching sessions with Kelli to be stimulating and thought provoking. The whole experience exceeded my expectations entirely, and then some! She listened, she heard, she surmised what I needed and, using a multi-pronged approach, guided me with a skillful hand and an attentive manner. Kelli made me aware, in a very short time, of how to reconfigure my thoughts and actions in a way that supports and honors the vision and desires I have for my life. With Kelli’s constant support, I saw results immediately, from the first session to the last, and beyond. Most importantly, she has introduced me to various tools and reference materials that I continue to draw upon as I move forward. I can honestly say that for me, our sessions were a gift from God, and it was an unqualified pleasure to work with someone so obviously gifted in nurturing and guiding others towards the best possible version of themselves. Thank you Coach K!!!”

– O. Smith III

“Working with Kelli has given me the courage and tools I need to tackle both my professional and personal goals. My biggest win was the moment I realized how powerful I am! I couldn’t have done that without Kelli’s help.”

– Marissa Hunter

“Kelli brings a wealth of perspective, and knowledge in coaching, spirituality, health and wellness . I was struggling to create balance in my life between being a wife and a mom and a professional of a very demanding career. Kelli’s approach allowed me to see things through a different light. Helping me to make meditation as a daily practice and tackling things in front of me with purpose and precision. She helped me to create a plan and kept me accountable without pressure and with empowerment. I began to live my life with much more ease, confidence, and flow. Kelli is absolutely wonderful and the way she lives her life is inspiring and the way she translates this in her coaching is truly her calling.”

– Crystal Rodriguez