The Manifestation Retreat

When will you begin that long journey into yourself?
- Rumi

WHEN: Friday, October 25 – Sunday, October 27, 2019

WHERE: Ojai, California

WHAT: An immersive weekend filled with inner work, soul centering & enlivening activities, reflection, delicious vegetarian food and connection.

COST: $850 (can be split into three payments)

Why is it that so many of us feel uncertain and out of alignment about the paths that we are walking at this point in our lives? It’s often because we carry around certain stories in our heads based on what we’ve been taught or conditioned to believe about the way things should be or what we should be doing. The result is that we’re doing and thinking in a way that’s not consistent with who we really are and with what we really want.

The stories we tell ourselves are quite often negative and frequently untrue. We self-talk and whisper about what we would like but are too scared to do and be. We sometimes struggle to move forward and make things happen in the way we would like. But the AWESOME truth, is that we are only part of the way through the journey. Many of us are in the process of manifesting our authentic selves and our authentic lives, but our busy minds are getting in the way. We need tools and support to synchronize our steps so that things will line up. 

In this beautiful and interactive weekend, participants will rediscover themselves in deep and meaningful ways. Through writing exercises, meditation, chanting, group conversations, movement, nature and playful activities, participants will be guided toward gentle self-discovery and sustainable practices to integrate into daily life.

For anyone looking to enhance their personal growth and connect with others on similar journeys, this retreat is for you. It is the ideal way to bond with a community of women in a new way that will last far beyond the weekend.

Through The Manifestation Retreat participants will be able to take away both a renewed sense of self and practical tips that will impact their work, purpose, relationships and the rest of their lives.


  • Accommodations
  • Friday DinnerSaturday LunchSaturday Dinner
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Sound Healing
  • Hiking
  • Visit to Casa Barranca Organic Winery Tasting Room
  • Essential Oil Workshop

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